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Phoenix of Faith Book CoverSince leaving the family religion in the year 2000, Esther Harrison the author is an avid reader of self-help books. She loves all the new things she is learning — a stark contrast to her old life. With the family’s death wish hanging over the author’s head — and a belief system in which it was impossible to exist independently of the family religion — dear readers might now understand why it was imperative that she purge the family belief system. Self-help books and good therapists certainly do help!

That’s her journey to safely — a long, circuitous, confusing, and complex route. And she’s only part way there. She still has her ups and downs. Some days go really well — and other days — well, she slides into a dark hole. Yet at a soul level, she has not given up on her right to live. Instead, she crawls out of her despair and seeks the root source of the split belief within herself, in order to bring herself into balance.

She now understands that it is utterly impossible to co-exist caught between two conflicting belief systems.

Phoenix of Faith, the memoir, is a story of survival — One woman’s challenges in abandoning the patriarchal religion of her family of origin — a lifetime of fear-based conditioning. Read this poignant book of one woman’s challenge to outgrow co-dependency and limiting beliefs.

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Visit website Phoenix of Faith the memoir. (Coming Soon!)
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