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A Complete Guide to Magic and Ritual

Using the Energy of Nature to Heal Your Life

Book Cover A Complete Guide to Magic and Ritual by Cassandra EasonAuthored by Cassandra Eason

I almost didn’t read this book. I have a physical copy, given by a teacher I once knew. However, once I sat down with it, I gave this book 4 out of 5 on Goodreads. Why did I hesitate? The title turned me off, since I’ve stopped believing in “magical thinking”. Fortunately, the book is not so much about magic, especially the way the word is being used these days. While it is indeed about rituals, it is much more about the subtitle, namely, Using the Energy of Nature to Heal Your Life.

I value the use of rituals because they validate and strengthen my commitment to a journey of well-being. I resonate with — and am able to use — some of these rituals where I see a need. They are helpful for creating many of my own rituals, or when I “customize” existing ones.

“Magical thinking” from my childhood resulted in losing my grounding. I realize that much of the loss of grounding is the result of my dysfunctional family upbringing. Much of my healing meant that I needed to stay grounded and “be present”. Staying with the energy of nature makes everything much more real for me. It took me such a long time for me to figure that out. When good things come my way, I don’t call it “magic” — I call it grace. The grace comes from being attuned with nature, rather than magical thinking, with the accompanying effect of leaving my body — dissociation.

The idea of magical thinking was a kind of escape for me as an abused child. Grounding now helps me to stay with an issue that needs and deserves my attention and focus.

Otherwise, I found the book quite appealing and helpful. I suppose the more I distance myself from the painful past by healing it, the less I will quibble about the words in the title, and the more I’ll be able to appreciate learning how to get back to — and stay closely connected — with nature. I now realize that it is safe for me to use nature as my measuring rod to hold against man-made “remedies” for health, success, and vital well-being. Nature wins — hands down every time! My sincere thanks to Cassandra Eason for this valuable work! I will be reading more of her titles!