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The Language of Flowers

By Vanessa Diffenbaugh, Narrated By Tara Sands
I rarely read novels unless I feel some resonance with the story line. One lesson I learned from my own tortured life is that when abandoned, the Universe provides what I call “earth angels” to enable survival and — if circumstances permit — the thriving of the soul.

Could this be true of Victoria, as well? I just had to find out. How could someone so thoroughly let down by the system as Victoria possibly trust anyone — ever — again? How could she find the conviction to engage in the challenges of living a “normal” life? Could Victoria survive without flashing back to some horrid event — some perceived “proof” of failure — to slap her down one more time? Could she ever live as a contributing member of the community without sabotaging everything she ever touched? Can someone who feels misgivings for humanity ever learn to grow, then to love, and even to set down roots? Could she ever feel understood and loved by another?

At the age of eighteen, Victoria was cast out of family services as homeless and jobless. The Language of Flowers was the only true and pure thing Victoria had in her life. Could she communicate in the world of flowers and build a life for herself?

Vanessa Diffenbaugh brilliantly portrayed a true-to-life story of a girl utterly let down by a failed system. Victoria had to feel her way along using the only language she knew to surround herself with special souls whose imperfectly perfect ways enabled her development and growth to love where her own mother could not — and to become grounded much like moss — without roots.

Length: 10 hrs and 50 mins
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