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Sunface by Esther Harrison, dedicated lovingly to her grand-daughter, EmberlynWritten by Esther Harrison
Sunface by Esther Harrison was the most amusing, inspiring little dahlia. You could not help but laugh and be impressed with its mighty effort to produce one gigantic yellow blossom. The author’s second book, Sunface, seemed to write itself. This preschool children’s book was inspired by a flowering plant in the author’s garden. She dedicated this work to her beloved grand-daughter, Emberlyn.

14 pages, size 8″ x 10″

Full Color with color photographs on every page, taken by the author.

ISBN 978-0-9739956-1-9

Order your copy of Sunface from Simon Fraser University’s Print On Demand Service.

Downloadable Press Release in pdf format (300 KB) available here.