Seeing in the Dark

Claim Your Own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age

nullWritten by Colleen Deatsman, Paul Bowersox, Narrated by Janice Anderson
Have you ever experienced a “dark night of the soul”? Colleen Deatsman is a teacher and a healer who knows from personal experience what it is like to be devastatingly ill. She felt utterly fatigued, depressed, frustrated, disconnected, and lost. For ten years, Colleen was one of the hopeless who suffered from a chronic illness. Traditional medicine could not effectively treat her symptoms. Prescription drugs were more risk than benefit. Side-effects were worse than the “disease.” Determined to live life fully again, she embarked on a journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening that led to her complete recovery.

I can relate to all of the above and that is why I bought this audiobook.

Her book details non-traditional do-it-yourself techniques. Through detailed descriptions, her own convincing story, and an easy to follow step-by-step format for the reader to grasp, Colleen moved from agonized disability to full recovery and spiritual illumination. Her journey to wellness is clearly outlined in this book. She convinced me that if she, an ordinary woman could heal herself with her techniques, so could I. I’m just as ordinary as anyone!

The word “shaman” means “one who sees in the dark.” Shamans consciously choose to live in two different worlds at the same time. They have one foot here in the everyday world of work and responsibility and one foot in the world of the spirits. The fact is, we all live in these two different worlds, but are commonly not aware of the other, less visible one. Interestingly, this world exists right beside us, perhaps just outside of our usual perceptions.

Seeing in the Dark presents the wisdom tradition and shamanic way of life which is in complete harmony with the natural world. The only things that are unnatural is that our current governments and religious leaders have conditioned humanity in an entirely different way — in a truly unnatural direction. Nevertheless, the shamanic path has weathered the cataclysmic changes of eons of human history and is even more vital and relevant today than it was in ancient times. In times when stress, tension, and the fast pace of life overwhelm us, this path shows us how to slow down, reconnect to the sacred, and harness our personal power — skills that will be needed for the uncertain days ahead.

Length: 9 hrs and 36 min.

Play Audio Sample of Seeing in the Dark

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