Goddesses Never Age

Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, MDWritten and Narrated by Christianne Northrup, MD

I loved reading Goddesses Never Age and in my case, it was the Audible version. Christiane Northrup is a board-certified OB/GYN physician who understands the challenges that women face in our fast-paced and sometimes less than forthright world in which we live.

Dr. Northrup explains that our well-being is determined by our beliefs to a greater degree than by our biology. She has positive suggestions about getting older and demonstrates what we might expect from our later years, regardless of what our early years of not-so-healthy societal conditioning dictated. What she learned in medical school is not the truth, such as getting regular pap smears and mammograms. Interestingly, she was able to heal her migraines by trusting her instincts instead of following pharmaceutical protocol. For example, the pharmaceutical industry teaches that a women’s body is a ticking time bomb just waiting for a disaster to happen and the solution would always be prescription drugs.

In her 40s she had to deal with a fibroid tumor that grew so large it made her appear pregnant. When she was in the hospital to have it removed, she affirmed, “When I awaken, the circumstances that created this will have passed.” Two years later she was divorced. She feels certain that her dysfunctional marriage was the root problem for such a diagnosis in her female organs. How many women have their sexual organs and their breasts surgically removed, even in the name of “preventative” medicine these days, ensuring the pharmaceutical industry customers for life, as women become dependent on patented drugs to “restore hormone balance” or so says the literature and the commercials. Breast disease screening is not benign, in fact it is a harmful procedure. Screening finds things we die with, rather than die from.

I recommend this book to all women who wonder how to identify priorities to help their life become more manageable, but it goes much deeper than the damage control concept such as avoiding much of the industry propaganda. Dr. Northrup is living proof that mature women can be full of vitality. She believes in illuminating everything that can go right with the female body, including teaching women how to truly flourish.

Length: 16 hrs and 21 mins
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